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Jerry! Welcome to the thread, and what you say is true and confirmed in scripture. Preach Brother! I enjoy being corrected so that I might embrace truth.

Sharryl! Welcome to the thread! We were discussing forms of spiritual warfare I think, and I am very interested in your thoughts on how to battle divisive spirits (those that get into our midst and create chaos)?

Aza, Just as a friendly reminder this is a Christian thread and the Debate with other religions is on another thread. I know that you might have gotten lost but we are talking about Spiritual Warfare from a Christian perspective that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior publicly, and believe in your heart. We also believe in the trinity (e-mail me if you have questions, if you have any regarding these matters and I would be humbled to walk with you through them) I notice that you use the Hebrew name for God, I just completed a great study on the names of God with the help of a Messianic Jewish friend of mine that I would like to forward to you if your interested?

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