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Hello All.. May God be with us through His Son Jesus Christ.

After having read the entire post of the related subject of spiritual warfare, it is ever apparent that most of you have overlooked one fallicy that befalls mankind everyday in this consistent battle of spirits. That one item is speech itself.

I will identify myself as the most likely candidate of this entire forum to be cast into hell upon my demise. During my 53 years, I spent 30 of those years studying the occult, and am quite versed in both the Bible and matters that would overwhelm most of the Christians who are reading this note.

During that course of study, I learned of the heirarchy of demons much the same as Christians learn of the heirarchy of angels that serve the Lord.

Much to my surprise, I found within the past 20 years, that everyday speech of even the most devout Christian will summon demons that the Christian is not aware of. People of every faith, call upon these demons and give them power and authority over their lives without even realizing that they are doing so. Thus the strict warnings that the desciples gave relating to correct speech ‘letting your yea be yea and your nay, nay’… ‘abstaining from profane babblings’, etc.

We call ourselves christians, we profess a form of Godliness but deny the power thereof. Pharmaceuticals. The primary source of healing on a daily basis within approximately 99% of the christian population. Yet do those christians realize that the source of the word is derived from the greek pharmaceutica which related to witchcraft and sorcery. Partake of the drugs at your local drug store and promote the continuance of witchcraft and sorcery. Is this a matter of extremism? perhaps…

Take this test. Using as many adjectives that you can think of, create a list of diseases that mankind is afflicted with… once that list is created, you can then start sorting them into categories, and soon you will have a heirachial tree relating to the names of demons that deal with the health issues of mankind… now do the same thing with other human characteristics… such as lust, greed, power, Once you have these lists created, see how many of these terms you use in your daily speech.

Many demons can be summoned from simple speech… and much power can be given to them through speech.

Be very careful in your spiritual warfare. Sometimes they are lurking and waiting for an invite into your daily life.


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