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C. Scott

Hello, this is a prayer request for myself.

The Lord led me to a guide book for christian meditation that is based entirely upon the word of God in an attitude of surrender.

It’s been just heavenly, however, I’ve been struggling with deep sleeps and meaningless wrestlings in my dreams.

Last night I dreamed that I wrestled with my husband as though he were trying to smother me to death… and I woke up, pleaded the blood of Jesus, and slept fine for the rest of the night.

And then this morning, my husband woke me before he went to work, and when I fell back asleep I dreamt of a girl who was homosexual and strongly drawn to take me by force. Of course all she could do was physically wrestle and lose every time, because I was stronger even though her passion was remotely inimidating.

Anyway, if anyone reading this has any insight regarding the dreams, let me know.

otherwise, they are meaningless attempts to weaken me. please just keep this in your prayers..


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