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1. Tongues for Personal Edification

First, “speaking in tongues” is a private affair for self- edification{1Cor.14;2-4}.Thus, glossolalia is practiced devotionally by the believer in his most intimate and intercessory moments of communication with God as he is moved upon by the Holy Spirit. This ” devotional” application may also be practiced by corporate agreement, in group gatherings where no believers or uniformed people are present(1Cor.14;23}. In line with this understanding, the following reasons are propounded for speaking with tongues:

1. Speaking with tongues as the Holy Spirit gives utterance is the unique spiritual gift idenified with the church of Jesus Christ. All other gifts, miricles, and spiritual manifestations were in evidence during Old Testament times, before the Day of Pentecost. This new phenomenon came into evidence and became uniquely idenified with the church and was ordained by God for the church{1Cor 12;28;14:21}.

2.Speaking with tongues is a specific fulfillment of prophecies by Isiah and Jesus. Compare Isiah 28:11 with 1 Corinthians 14:21, and Mark16:17 with Acts2:4;10:46;19:6;and 1 Corinthians 14:5,14-18,39.

3. Speaking with tongues is a proof of the resurrection and glorification of Jesus Christ{John 16:7 Acts 2:26}.

4. Speaking with tongues is an evidence of the baptisim in or infilling of the Holy Spirit{Acts 2:4;10:45,46;19:6}.

5. Speaking with tongues is a Spiritual gift for self edification{1Cor.14:4;Jude 20}.

6. Speaking with tongues is a Spiritual gift for spiritual edification of the church when accompanied by interpretation{1 Cor.14:15}.

7. Speaking with tongues is a Spiritual gift for communication with God in private worship{!Cor.14:15}.

8. Speaking with tongues is a means by which the Holy Spirit intercedes through us in prayer{Rom.8:26;1Cor.14:14;Eph.6:18}.

9.Speaking with tongues is a Spiritual means for rejoicing {1 Cor.14:15;Eph.5:18,19}.

10. Paul’s application of Isiah’s prophecy seems to indicate that speaking with tongues is also intended as a means of “rest” or “refreshing”


11. Tongues follow as one confirmation of the Word of God when it is preached{Mark 16:17,20;1Cor.14;22}.

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