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I believe Tongues is a gift that is highly misused today. Tongues is nothing more than being able to speak a language that you don’t know. Example: You’re in the room with nothing but Japanese speaking people and you have absolutely no ability to speak the language and like wise they don’t understand English. Tongues gives you the ability to speak their language so they can understand and ‘interpret’ what you have said. Nowadays almost everybody understands English and many are fluent in multiple languages. So I don’t feel Tongues is needed anymore. Not to say that God can’t give someone that ability. But the way it is used in alot of churches is unbiblical. There are alot of churches where people just blurt out a bunch of bable and claim to be speaking in tongues. This only edifies the person. Some even preach that you aren’t ‘spiritual’ unless you have been given this gift. I don’t believe that at all.

I’m not saying that tongues isn’t used in some remote parts of the world. But in a church where everyone understands English, it is not needed. It only causes confusion. If you have people that are non believers in your church and they don’t understand what’s happening, they would look at those people as if they were crazy. They would be totally confused.

Well anyway, that’s what I believe. If you have any questions, take it up with God.


“Keep the Faith,Strike with Truth”

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