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Lucadious said:

” All the little so called tounge speaking churches came about in the same time that JW’s (Jehoveh’s Witnesses) and the Mormons came out.”


Read church history. There have been outbreaks of renewal sporadically at various times all throughout the centuries, and all accompanied with a renewed interest in righteousness, holiness, and also the ‘gifts of the Spirit’.

However, now that you mention it, your own particular ‘lens’ through which you view the Bible happened to spring into existence in 1830, the same year that Joseph Smith established his ‘Mormon’ religion.

And, as well, at about the same exact timeframe that Scofield was spreading his views (dispensationalism) across America, the JW’s were given ‘life’.

Is there a causative connection? Probably not; any more than there is a cause and effect relationship between the groups with which you attempt to denigrate the early ‘charismatic’ churches. (That is, or should be, really beneath you, as a ‘brother’.)


“I recomend theology on Dispensationalism”


So do I, primarily for the reason that it is high time that people realize just how far the originators and current proponents of this ‘doctrine’ have strayed from Biblical Orthodoxy.


“Completely disapeared for a about 1,000 years and then popped back up with the JW’s and mormons… do the math of the cultic error.”


As I’ve mentioned, it never really disappeared at all, even with the heavy-handed (can anyone spell ‘inquisition’) Orthodoxy of the RC church. While Mormons do practice some form of glossalalia in their ‘temples’, I’ve never heard the same of the JW’s, so I fail to see your point, except for your obvious slur.

Satan has used many groups over the ages to counterfeit and mimic what God intends for good. The ‘underlying’ spirit is very different, however.

However, while we’re on the topic of ‘new’, dispensationalism was unheard of in the early church, unknown in the later centuries, invisible in the middle ages, non-existent in the reformation; in fact it was unheard of until 1830 when J.N. Darby ‘borrowed’ parts of a vision that young Margaret MacDonald had, changed it somewhat, then utilized it without giving ‘credit’ to her. So, out of the 1970 years of church history, the first 1800 never heard of these teachings. I wonder why?

We should always check to see how much ‘glass’ there is in our house before we commence ‘throwing stones’.


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