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Chaplain46 wrote:

Obviously in Acts 2 there were people in Jerusalem of many differing languages due to Passover. When the disciples and apostles spilled out of the upper room and onto the streets, many people of differing languages heard them speak in their own tongue and marveled. Therefore, we can assume that at times the gift of tongues can be a human tongue.


Not only ‘human’. We know that there were at least 120 people in that ‘upper room’ that day. It is reported that people from about 15 different language groups heard their ‘native’ languages being spoken. That means that there could have been several speaking each language, which would still leave over many people who could have been speaking either ‘heavenly languages’, or other earthly languages not represented by the listeners.

The Bible only reports what was relevant—Jews from many different countries were there and each heard their own language spoken.


The woman looked at her blankly and stated that she had never been in China and didn’t know what she was talking about.

Interesting story. Were you actually present when this took place? (just curious, and I like to establish credibility; and you have ‘earned’ credibility with me!)

A Pastor friend of mine told me of a similar incident he was part of. This involved praying for the ‘baptism’ for a person (Hispanic, I think) who didn’t speak ANY English at all. When they were encouraging the person to speak any strange words he felt in his mind, he turned to them and exclaimed (in perfect English)”Well, what do you want me to say?” Who says that God doesn’t have a sense of humor?


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