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Without going into scripture and detailed study: I have a logical question to help answer that question.

The pentecostal church and charasmatic came into the woodworks in the late 1800’s. You might want to notice a couple things.

1. All the little so called tounge speaking churches came about in the same time that JW’s (Jehoveh’s Witnesses) and the Mormons came out.

2. Where were all the tounge speakers after 2 Cortinthians 12? It is spoken of as past tense, and seems to have as God perdicted CAME TO PASS: Completely disapeared for a about 1,000 years and then popped back up with the JW’s and mormons… do the math of the cultic error.

And before any one tries convincing themselves that “God is the same today as he was yesterday” to force thier bias feelings and experiences over on GOd: I AGREE. God is the same. He has always made promises, prophecy’s and provided SIGNS for the Jews that come to pass, and tounges is a sign. Or was.

If you believe you speak in tounges, and God is the same in your bias outlook: then when is the last time you TOUCHED a man and he was healed? Not keep the faith, or give it time, when have you healed a man on the spot, and he be healed on the spot? I thought God was the same…

Have you sold everything you own?

Have you went to chruch in the temple EVERY day breaking bread? That’s what they did in the book of Acts. thought GOd was the same…

Been bitten by any poisonous snakes and shake em off lately? drink any poison for breakfast and live to tell the tale?

It is amazing how the charasmatics cry how God is the same today as he was yesterday, and never put that verse in it’s rightly deviding context. They wouldn’t attempt half the things God said they could do; or rather, said his JEWISH apostlites would do, and the gentiles they led to eternal life in Jewish populated communities.

I recomend theology on Dispensationalism, and the study of Isreal and Signs

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