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continued, please be patient.

2. The spirit works only to edify; thus,whenever He is truly present all things are in order and

devoid of embarrassment or uneasiness


3.The “spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets”(1Cor.14:32),That is, each truly Spirit- filled person can exercise self control;thus, confusion can and should be avoided so that decency with unity may prevail(1Cor.14:40).

4.The basis of all gifts is love. Love,not the experience of a gift is the qualifying factor for those who would experience spiritual gifts. Thus in the administration of spiritual authority in the local congregation, the word demands that we “judge”(1Cor.14:29) to confirm that those who exercise gifts actually do ” follow after charity [love], and desire spiritual gifts”(1Cor.13:1-13;14:1).

5.The Author and Dispenser of the gifts is the Holy Spirit,who divides them as he wills; thus, no gift becomes the exclusive possession of any believer for this personal edification and pride. Rather, the gifts are placed in the church to be exercised by the body for the mutual edification of the believers(1Cor.12:1-11) and as a means for expanded ministry.

6. The exercise of tongues is to be limited to sequences of two or three at the most(1 Cor. 14:27). While many hold this to be a rigid number, others understand it to be a guideline to keep the worship service in balance.In actuality, the Holy Spirit rarely moves beyond these limitations; however, on occasions,for special reasons to meet special needs, there may be more than one sequence of two or three appropriately spaced apart in a given service. The overarching guideline is,” Let all things be done decently and in order”(1Cor. 14:40).

What has been given to you, has been read by The King James Version Spirit Filled Bible, word from word by Pat Robertson, in Spiritual Answers to Hard Questions. Answering Essential Questions about God and the Power Life in His Kingdom, Thank you for being patient, I’m a newbie & enjoy finding out anything Ican from his Word to help us all.

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