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TONGUES for Public Exhoration

Turning to the second function of “tongues”-public exhoration-1Corinthians 14 bases the gifts of the Spirit on the one sure foundation of love{1 Cor.14:1}. Public tongues” also calls for integrity in practice as the key for the preservation of order in our fellowship and the worship services.Conceding that there have been those who have abused the gift as an occasion for fleshy pride, we must recognize that it can be a vital and valuable part of worship when placed in its proper setting for the edification of the body{1Cor.14:12,13}.

However, the sincere Spirit-filled believer will not be preoccupied with this gift alone, for he sees it as only one of many gifts given for the “wholeness”of the church;therefore, he does not worship or meet with others just to speak in tongues for the mere sake of the practice itself. Such motivation would be immature, vain, and idolatrous.Rather, sincere believers gather to worship God and to be thoroughly equipped for every good work through the teaching of his Word{2Tim.3:16,17}.Consequently, the scriptually sensitive believer recognizes the following New Testament direction reguarding spiritual gifts:

1. Speaking in “tongues” only edifies public worship when it is interpited; thus, the worshiper is to pray for the interpretation and if it is withheld, he keeps silent, unless someone who functions in the gift of interpretation is known to be present{1Cor.14:5,28}Continued!!!!

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