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Lord, I come before you this morning, as all other mornings, on behalf of my son Kyle who as you know is continuing to struggle with drug addiction. Just when I think he’s coming out of it, he backslides. I know he’s lost his job again Father, and he’s making whatever $$ he has illegally. Lord, it’s been more than a week since we’ve heard from him. He won’t return our calls. Does this mean he’s “out of it”, or has he been hurt, or worse, by those who wish to harm him, did his paroll officer violate him and return him to prison, or is he ignoring our calls because he doesn’t want us to know his situation. I am becoming sick again with worry Lord, and I know I should let it go because your angels are in charge of him. Every day I think and pray that this will be the day he stops deceiving himself and gets help, but it has not happened. I forget Lord, it’s in your timing, not mine. We have cosigned for his vehicle Lord, and you know the history there. We are constantly after him to make payments, often times he doesn’t. We are afraid he will either sell it and use the $$ for drugs, or that something will happen to him and we won’t know where to find the truck, or him. We cannot afford to continue making payments on the truck as you know we are already over burdeoned with his bills because we trusted him. Convict him of his unreasonableness to cooperate with us on this matter. This lifestyle is all he knows Lord, and it’s easy for him. He becomes stressed out with a real job, mostly due to bi-polar disease that he will not seek treatment for, or acknowlege. Please make the lifestyle difficult for him. Please make it unpleasant for him to be high. We have all loved him and sacrificed for him for the last 26 years, and I feel now I have no son. As time passes we are becoming more estranged. Please restore the relationship. The tough love does not seem to be working. I don’t know what to do. Give us his parents wisdom and discernment. Help us know what to say if given the opportunity to see or speak with him. Convict him Lord of his sins as well as his illness. Wash him with your blood and make him high on you Lord. Help me today to find him. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.

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