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Do any Protestants here believe in the Social Kingship of Christ?

According to this doctrine, Jesus Christ is the King and Ruler of society. Therefore, all people are to regard Christ first as their King, then to regard secular authorities as deriving their power from Christ. Society is to submit itself to the laws, ordinances, and commandments of Jesus Christ as found in the Gospel.

This doctrine rejects seperation of Church and State. Thus, secular authorities derive their authority, not from the people, but from God. According to this teaching, secular authorities must base their decisions on God’s law and His divine will rather than the whims of the people. The purpose of government in this system is to protect the dignity and life of the human person, while providing justice based on the Gospel.

There is a lot more to cover when discussing the Social Kingship of Christ, but I think that is enough for now. Blessings and peace be with all of you.


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