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Helloooo and Praise The Lord on This Day which He has made!!

Have not ever posted in the forum—and fiugred I would pick the subject nearest and dearest to my heart—

The Lord called me very specifically to homeschool when my eldest daughter was only 2 1/2—-

It is hard to believe it is now 14 years after that call and

11 1/2 full years homeschooling—

My husband went home to be with the Lord June 2nd 2001—

It was astonishing to me how boisterous people were with their opinions—-in the midst of this crisis—20 emergancy trips to the hospital some up to 12 day stays–and some 15 out patient surgeries—-most thought I should public school my children after nearly a decade of homeschooling them—

And…. the popular opinion was that I should do it immediately–

My answer was gentle and yet serious—-I would thank them saying I heard their love and concern and asked them if they had public schooled and their husband was dying—and I came and said it would be best if they suddenly home schooled—how would they feel???

The Lord enabled us to persevere thru the horrendous ongoings surrounding my husbands death—–and we all agree it was God’s sovereignty and protection that had us to have soooo much more time together as a family than we would have had if five children were on five diff’t schedules and five diff’t buses–

Via my husband’s death—we lost EVERYTHING—house, condo, 27 year business, and three cars—

Our relationship with Jesus and homeschooling were the only constants—our whole lives elsewise changed drastically–

It has been nearly three years since my husband died—and we have gone thru the whole gamut of circumstances and emotions that such a crisis set in motion—

The ebbs and flows and adjustments that have come and gone

were alllll thankfully known by a SOVERIEGN LORD—the blessings far out weigh the fires and trials—

I admit—there were times when both the children and I were exhausted and looked for anything something to ease the burden of it all–and thus wanted to know where our yellow school buses were??

The move we had to make, left us lonely and separated from the church we had attended for twelve years and the two homeschooling support groups we had loved—-we initially burnt oursleves out trying to live off social security alone and by joining every club and church event possible–

Then the opposite swing of the pendulum—I went to work–(had always worked before but had worked from the home or when my husband was home) and I battled fears that I was placing too much responsibility on the older children and abandoning the little ones–

My big battle it seems was in trying to get things to “BE THE WAY THEY USED TO BE” —-I have now come to accept that they will never be what they used to be–only what they are

Last August—-we nearly succumbed—-their was a unanimous vote to place the children in public schools–in this very hard oppressed city we live in—-they wanted it–I wanted it—

But, God afforded us a weekend whereby the four older children went away to camp —and I was home with the toddler–supposedly buying alllll the school uniforms and backpacks etc.—in the quiet I heard the Lord—He asked me why I was going to send the children into public school—my reasons were not pure—I was tired–I wanted to maybe date without the children present–

I figured I would make gamillions more of money—I felt I would talk with the chidlren one last time and be certain of what their motives were—

As God had it to be—-the chidlren ran up to me and said they wanted to talk to me about public school–as I listened—they confessed that their reasons for wanting to “quit” homeschooling

were not good ones—and realistically they thought public school was only going to worsen and deepen what they thought it would resolve—they said we should not quit because we had one hard difficult year–but that we should quit on an upnote per say–they asked if we could give it one more year–

God is Faithful—it has been one of our best years—not THE BEST—but very very good–it felt free to “CHOOSE” (again) and not feel so trapped—-our reliance on the Lord was even more and further than what already was there—-very sweet

We tried to keep things simple and The Lord changed my job and my position to be more accomodating sooooo as I work second shift and my primary energy goes to the children first—-I am learning to be humble and say “no” to some things that would keep us too busy to even read a book let alone homeschool–

And ultimately in our school we study God’s Word and we pray–

Homeschooling is not for everyone–but for myself–the call TO HOMESCHOOL was soooo strong—that I have pretty much decided soooo must the ‘arrows’ be to point me in another direction–not just based on emotions or energy levels–which of course


I would love love love to hear from other single homeschooling parents—the task is not a slight one—and I am positive that there would be encouragement and wisdom we could glean from one another—-

I could fill quite the numerous threads—just praising the Lord and sharing little daily specific ways the Lord has made Himself real and available to this family—let it suffice to say at this time—



May your laps have a measure pressed down and overflowing—

Kelly and Kids——-

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