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K my friend has done some pretty bad stuff she had sex many many times with guys like 20 and over and just random guys she has barely met. she done drugs and other really bad stuff i warned her if she kept doing i couldnt hang with her anymore.She was 13 when she first had sex and hasnt stopped doing it since. i told her she shouldnt have lost her virginity bc thats something not just anyone can take from u. She’s only 14 when she started doing the drugs and having sex with guys over 18. But now she’s been going to church every wednesday and sunday and she carries her bible everywhere she goes and she got saved again. She dont cuss do drugs or have sex anymore so she says. IM so so proud of her probally prouder of her than ive ever been. but yesterday a friend of mine i havent seen in a while told me she was dating a 27 yr old i asked her about and she said yes she was. I just dont feel comfratable with her dating guys so old. And idk how long this phase of hers will last. i really hope she will change for the good. I kno u r probally thinkin how could i be friends with a person like this but its just she is my cuz 2 and has always been there for me since i was 7. Just plz help and send me some advice. ~*~God Bless u Guys~*~*~ luv *~taylor~*

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