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Yes, here we have it again, another thread on this same topic. I must say that when any issue is not debated respectfully it can get worn out and old. I am opening this thread with the hope that I can discuss this matter with someone such as Walt (Sojourner), or whomever, to the degree that it has never reached on this forum. It seems that there is a tendency for us posters to get too easily sidetracked by other concerns which will eventually kill the thread every time. It is my hope that respect, order and restraint will be exercised which will allow this debate to flourish as never before.

Now, I know that there are some who may possibly treat this thread with disdain simply because it is another attempt to discuss the same issues. So, to those of you who may cringe at the thought of this, I will kindly ask that you will just allow it to run its course without any negative feedback. It is my hope that patience will prevail in demonstrating that there are those who will address this topic with respect to their opponent’s viewpoints without judging or belittling them simply because they disagree. May we all be encouraged to demonstrate charity towards one another as becoming of a Christian.

I would like to propose this debate with the following construct:

1)Member A can/will state his/her position and question.

2)Member B can/will state his position and directly answer the question posed by Member A.

3)Member A can/will offer a rebuttal.

4)Member B can/will offer a final rebuttal.

5)Next, Member B will ask his/her question – and we will follow the same sequence of dialogue.

I’m only offering this idea so that any two posters will be able to successfully address their points without their opponents being accused of sidestepping the issues at hand. If anyone is willing to patiently, and respectfully defend the position of an Unconditional Eternal Security, then I will be more than happy to accept. Please understand from the onset that I, personally, will not address everyone who writes in defense of this position. I will only debate with the member that takes me up on the offer with the previously stated conditions. I am confident that when this topic can be seen in light of Scripture and its context, where people who are more concerned to know the truth – as opposed to defending a position, denomination, tradition, or prejudice – that progress will be made and God will be glorified to the highest.

With this said, I would like to open up this debate in offering the proponents of Unconditional Eternal Security the first opportunity to present their question and/or statement.


Brian (Ezkl4423)

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