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Hey guys i dont come on here much but over my christmas break i was in a ranger accident. a ranger looks like this http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml02/02555d.jpg anyways me my sister and my cousin were chasing my other cousins on a quad (i was sitting on the side) and she took a sharp turn and we tipped over and it crushed my leg. My cousin screamed to her brothers on the quad and they came over a lifted it off of me. (i was wearing a seat belt) Well they are shorter than me and im 5,7. Heck! there shorter than my ten year old sister. My parents said it was a miracle that they lifted it off my leg. But i broke my femur, ankle and foot. i dont blame my cousin cause it wasnt her fault. It was all our faults. We were screwing around. But it only take about 30 min to take a shower (with my moms help) and i can walk on my cruches really good. But i cant go to school cause i have a fixator on my leg and 5 , 6in pins drilled into my bone. but i get bored at home because i usually just watch tv or play my gba. But my dad is going to take me to the park today so im kinda happy. im on the computer alot so it would be nice to talk to people. It can be a guy or a girl i dont really care. I have msn. its hannah_kraft@hotmail.com

-Hannah ^_^

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