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Julie Watson

I’ve also dealt with an eating disorder – anorexia. It took me a looooong time to end it & it was a very long road too. But, back then I was doing it mostly on my own and I would go in and out of it. So, Jennifer, to encourage you: God is with you & according to Phllipians 4:13 you’ll make it Jennifer, just keep fighting the good fight, hang in there & don’t get discouraged!

Dear Lord, I lift up Jennifer to You – protect her Lord and send her all of the comfort, joy, self-control, wisdom & understanding she needs at this time to take care of the beautiful body You’ve given her. You made her in Your image, and regardless of what anyone says – media, “friends”, relatives, or anyone else – what matters to The MOST Important Being in the universe is the heart, because out of the heart everything else can get properly aligned. Continue to strengthen Jennifer and teach her daily to stand firmly against any deception leading her to weaken against eating disorders. As sisters in Christ, You know how much I struggled with this for many years, and only You gave me the “correct sight” about myself & strengthened me to never go back there again. Please, do this for Jennifer, but quicken this for her – do not let her last in this struggle as long as I did. You are an Awesome God! Thank You for Your protection Lord!! Amen!

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