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Just a tot. I am a Youth Leader in a small and growing church. I work with a group of 3 others to form a committee. As said above, Youth work is one of the most challenging work in church. You’re basically dealing with individuals here, and each individual is different. We as leaders are always looking out to help the youth to grow, Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically. We also want to help them to grow in their characters, personality, knowledge of the world, and maturity. Most importantly, we want to make sure that the youths walk down the road of life with a close and personal relationship with God.

It can get very hard to go on as a leader as the year goes by. Without any rest and encouragement, the burden can be very heavy. I have been on the committee for the past 2 years and I sometimes find it hard to encourage myself to go on. It is always thru prayer as well as encouragement from the co committee that I am able to hold out. I am planning to have a break soon to recharge myself so that I can enter the battle feeling refreshed.

We had a camp recently, where the Pastor was asking the youths who their heroes and heroines are. He then asked all the youth leaders and pastor to line up at the front of the room. Then he told the youths that these people at the front of the room are the heroes and heroines of their life. They are the ones that has committed their life to serve them in every way imaginable. I was very touched by his words. He made each of us remember the reason why we are there as a leader and opened ours eyes to the small little details that count so much that we set aside because it is too little to count by itselves, but once added, could touch a persons life so much.

After that, he asked all for all those who would like to follow in the leaders footstep, to serve in any way imaginable in the church, be it music, mission or anything, to come forward to any of the youth leaders. They are then to hug the youth leaders and the youth leaders will pray over them. It started as a trickle, but by the end of the session, every single youth in that room (300+) stepped forward and made a commitment to serve in wherever the Lord puts them. The most touching part is when my own youths, those that I have worked so hard to encourage, to bring them closer to God, to teach and guide, steps forward toward me. I break down and shed tears of joy. It was the biggest encouragement that I will ever have.

So, show your Youth Pastor that you care, they are human. Show him that you’ve learned and applied whatever that has been taught, it will encourage them. Talk to them and confide, that is where you will get to know each other better. Pray for him always, for they are always in need of prayers. If it is a public/group prayer of thanksgiving and blessing for him, I am sure that it will touch his heart a lot.

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