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Hi Kaybay, I am a youth leader/pastor and I wanted to say a few things about your post. First, there could be many reasons for your youth pastor’s lack of enthusiasim. He/she may feel like the teens aren’t motivated or growing spiritually which is so discouraging. He may be dealing with his own spiritual battle or is just a bit burned out. Working with teens is wonderful and challenging so it could be any one of these or a million more things. What can you do? First and formost take it to the Father. Pray for guidance and a compassionate heart. God will lead you always if you listen. The word tells us that if we have a problem with someone we need to speak with them one on one. If this person is truelly the Godly leader they should be then he will welcome your concern and. Start by asking if there is anything wrong or anything that you or the other teens can be doing differently. Tell him that you feel like the Holy Spirit isnt with you all right now and you want to change that. If this doesn’t work then you might speak with some of the other teens and see if they have noticed anything and then take it to your Senior Pastor for discussion. Enthusiaism is something that youth groups struggle with all the time. A couple of ideas that we tried when enthusiasm and committment was down in my group were doing a community based “mission” project. We teamed up or rather were in compition with other area youth groups over a five month period for service projects. (soup kitchens, clothing give away projects, collecting toiletry items for homeless shelters) Our teens chose to take their mission trip to a part of our town that is in major need of a spiritual clean up. They spent a week, cleaning up and redorating a huge room in a community action agency designing it specifically as a rec center to bring the gospel to teens that had no other ministry. It has been amazing. We have had 13 teens saved and now active in various area youth groups who were a major part of the drug culture in our town. Another thing we have done to sort of create unity within our own group is to have a sleep over or devotional time. A large chunk of time devoted to prayer, devotions, a short message (usually given by a teen), sometimes a speaker who God has changed. We do activities like washing one anothers feet and what we call a consecration ceremony. We make up a questionaire to find out things about each other and you have to find two people for which the statment fits. It helps to know things about each other. Dont be afraid to suggest that you do activities along with other youth groups of different denominations. Christians can be very teretorial and its sad because we are all God’s people. It really, really changes things to know other Christian teens outside of your youth group that you can go to. Having another trusted youth leader who knows you can be a great thing too. And its really fun. I applaud your care and your concern about your youth pastor. Talk to him and let him know you love him. And remember that ultimately our relationships with God are our own and we are responsible for feeding our own spiritual needs through Christ. Its not only the youth pastor’s responsibilty to make things happen in the group, it falls on each of us as Christians to reach out to the unsaved and others in pain within our churches and outside the walls. If you don’t like how things are happening then help to solve the problem. Make a list of the things that were encouraging to you when you first started the youth group and your walk with Christ and find out ways to light the fire again. Who knows you may grow to be a powerful and innovative youth pastor yourself. Much love in Christ and good luck. I would love to hear how things have worked out for you. Lisa

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