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I’d like to revive this thread if you don’t mind. I’ll begin with an observation.

I’d like to be simply transparent in expressing my views on this matter. To begin with, what matters most to me in finding meaningful worship music is passion… Passion without doctrine is meaningless, of course, as one can be passionate about anything, without regard to rightly dividing the Word of God. There is plenty of room for writing doctrinally correct P & W music, however, without offending almost anyone’s (mainstream Christian) doctrine. Yet I find passion lacking in some Christian music. I struggle with some Southern Gospel music, for example. There is nothing wrong with might be called “Story” music within the genre of Christian music, but in my view it lacks intimacy. It lacks a focus on the Lord, substituting…something else. I think I need to recognize that I am worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ when I listen to and participate in Christian music. Otherwise I feel like I’m telling a story and what I’ve done has little significance. Sometimes I feel like the music is simply there for entertainment. One might call it “spiritually correct entertainment” but I am not spiritually uplifted. I am not focused on worshipping the Lord and I find something lacking in what I’ve done.

There is more to say but I’ll quit for now. Any thoughts?


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