Home Forums Re: Worship In A Church That Needs Livening Up

Ellen Herner

I am on our worship team and I sing back up with our band but I am also involved in our flag and dance ministry which employs flags along with worship on Sundays. We have been lucky because our new pastor was our worship leader.

I think it’s important that your pastor take a lead even if not a worship leader, in encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones. Often times, people get too comfortable and/or afraid that people will look at them oddly if they are more expressive in worship. Can you have people add tambourines? We have several in our congregation and it livens things up a great deal (even though we are already quite lively!!) Those loud Pentscostals, don’t ya know!!! LOL!!

I think the most important thing is to pray to find out where God would lead.

With love in Christ,


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