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HOSS seventh

We have lost the definition for this thread, It appears more like the family discussions we used to have at my grandparents house.

The discussions appeared some what like these with one or two attempting to control all that was spoken. The last two pages of this thread have little to do with Pastors and resemble more a debate on interpretation.

I for one am not participating any further in this until all of you realize that all of you have a right to discuss the topic and not last nites dinner at home.

This is pointless. The idea that any of you have a right to demean another’s view smacks of a sincere case of personal insecurity and a need to be the man of the mountain.

Well welcome to it I don’t have time to be part of this and I need relationships and can’t afford to destroy them because of self indulgent pride.

For those of you that care the topic was women Pastors–not proper techniques of scripture interpretation or what ever else you cared to throw in

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