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Sean my brother rather than assail you,for your opinion I congratulate you for expressing it, The Holy Spirit has indicated to me in many painful periods of correction that he does need to employ my help in this.

I will say this; case studies from counseling do not bear out your opinion entirely. Most of it is the non-doctrinal teaching of men’s Lordship in the home and trying to bring all into subjection and not submission to the head

Christ would not give to men authority that he does not take himself. Christ expects submission in all things. not the slavery of subjection. In this thing with women Pastors as SF has tried to say avoid tradition and personel interpratations and stay in the Word. Leadership,First from the Word where are women compeled or asked to love their husbands,traditionally from the vows they are ask to love,Honor, obey and submit not to be in subjection.

If the husband can learn the pronciples of the Song of Songs the wife will give her love out of choice. It never has to be commanded or taken.

After years of training of different animals and birds, I have found after the initial period of training the animal involved will attempt everything possible to please me.(submission) I control them by a learned order of hand controls and spoken vocabulary. Each of the dogs have over a 1500 word vocabulary because they choose to,(submission)

If an animal is capable of this how much more so are we.

Now I have no problem with the scripture process used here about the Pastoral issue. I have problems with the approach and delivery.

How did Jesus meet the needs of the those in sin he came in touch with, He healed,fed or delivered them and poured his Agape love upon them. The audiences became his by choice not coercement.

In many of these forums I see a lot of condemnation of people. Jesus said that I came not into the world to condemn it but that the world through the light in my life might be saved.

You want to deliver a messege to people, deliver the life in your life to them, free them spiritually or physically in whatever manor they need and then you have their hearts.

There is an old expression from the world put up or shut up;well let’s soften it a bit by saying,show it or shove off. demonstrate Jesus to the point that people can see him in you and there by give you entrance to teach them from what you have been given.

In this approach on the Pastors we are not concerned with the Word you have; believe it or not as much as we are a door to enter to deliver it.

If you have that fire to bring this then use the sensitivity the Spirit in getting it delivered.

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