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HOSS seventh

I generally accept the form of doctrines being spoken of here but am not in total agreement. That alone is not an issue. The relationships in the homes however are.

There are so many misconceptions about the posititon of men as leaders in the home. Then maybe it is time for some teaching on that.

The mutual submission scripture in Ephesians for the most part is totally ignored to teach the high priest and leadership by men in the home.

The men have taken a dictatorship in difference to leadership and have caused the divorce rate in church to exceed the world’s.

One of the greatest reasons for women Pastor’s can be traced to men out of submission to the Lord and the need for a woman to take the leadership.

The rest of it must come from your individual thoughts of what the word has imprinted your spirit with.

I will echo something that Spirit Fox has said several times, that scripture can and will interpret itself. The Bible says it takes two witnesses to establish a truth and a very Foolish person stakes his direction from one witness of the Word. I generally won’t move without several confirmation’s of God’s Word

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