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HOSS seventh

The following is only my opinion and has about as much value and authority as a water canteen with more holes than container ability. I believe a picture might be what Jeremiah called a broken cistern.


First off we need to be careful of making this a debate forum.

Secondly we need to keep this a healthy discussion because this has been an area of error among believers for a long time. I don’t believe there will come a great theological breakthrough in this but much understanding can come from it.

Another point was always whether God is female or male?

In dealing with God we can only discuss aspects of nature not gender. In saying that I ask you to remember the definition of


Correct interpratation of scripture involves the following ;The audience a particular word is presented to and is there time constraints. For example most of the theologians I have studied believe Paul’s instructions to women In Corinthians on church behavior is constrained to the church at Corinth of that time. I give that as an example of what I meant. If that were not the case then there are churches I know of today that would assert that women must be muzzled in service.

Another example of what I mean; most groups that hold with this doctrine about the position of women in the church will send women as lead mission to fields of missions all over the world. Acertain group had a woman missionary of international acknowledgement in her field and had started churches and spoke in countries around the world. She however could not speak nor hold authority in any location in the states.

If we are going to hold to this doctrine on the position of women then do it even handily not as hypocrites

We all know where Spirit Fox stands in belief on this thought;but I personally believe she has a great potential as a teacher and the heart of Pastor or prophetical gifts. this is where the Spirit of God comes in by what is he speaking in heart personally.

This to me is where the core of truth abides in this and that is what are the giftings involved.

The last thing to bring out in this;is a question and it is what route do you take to get truth from the scripture you use?? Are you hearing truth in what’s said in those verses?? Is the interpratation method you use subjective to your

desires.?? Or is objective open to all the truth from Gd??

I have my own opinion in this and have yet to see anything that would bring me to the point of change,and I wouldn’t open that up here because these things in Praize become debate fodder to easily.

I encourage to search your hearts on this subject and participate in the Agape of God .There is a lot to learn in this thought of women as Pastors.

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