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Hi Sean777,

Thanks for your reply.So what is your definition of heresy?

websters dictionary defines it as”an opinion or doctrine at variance with established beliefs esp. religious beliefs” What i have written gives that appearence.Yet if you read the whole thing it doesn’t take away from established beliefs(except for the one that She is a real Person)it expands on our present day knowledge of Who God is through Jesus The Christ.

You said the church is also called the bride..where in scripture is that?Revelations 21 says the Bride is the New Jerusalem,this is symbolical i believe because in revelations 22:17 The bride speaks and i find no reference as to were New Jerusalem has actual lips.

Proverbs 8:22-25 Tells of How She came to be.There was nothing for Her to be made from except for the essence of God,Himself.and that is the only way God could have a companion of equal stature.genesis 2 is that example and Adam and Eve especially are an example of Her birth.Eve and Wisdom born/brought forth.Do you think that any of us as creations can be equal as a partner with God?now thats ridiculous to me,so i ask Who is Jesus Partner going to be?and Mr.Holy Spirit by order of Father in Heaven led me to these scriptures and understanding.

As for the “did they forget question” When the Lord chooses to reveal something it is in Their time not ours.Remember the reformation.Did they forget righteousness by faith before Luther posted his Theses?no they didn’t.

Do you believe Love and Wisdom can actually be to separated concepts and still be true?and since God is Love 1john 4:8 then God is also Wisdom personified and in scripture and according to Jesus The Messiah Himself,Wisdom is a She.our opinions don’t matter scripture and scripture alone speaks clearly on this.

His and Hers


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