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The Bible doesn’t answer your question but unlike most ministers,one of the most frequent topics Jesus talked about was hell.Undoubtably the reason that so few members of the clergy talk about hell is that Jesus made it repeatedly very clear that most of them will be sent there.Is there any doubt why?In the United States we just had the shameful and disgusting experience of a political party forcing a peace agenda on our blasphemous goverment instead of our churches most of whom falsely claim that they accept the Prince of Peace as the Son of God.

Fortunately for the clergy,the punishment of hell can not continue for too long before even these really perverted hypocrites finally confess that they fully accept Jesus and His teachings including the ones against the acts of genocide in Iraq.As to why God doesn’t do it now,I for one wish He would send all our perverted clergy to hell now before they do any more political harm to the nation but God is very patient and works in a different element of time than we do.There are so many morally sick ministers roaming around that it’s probably taking lomger than expected to build a big enough fire pit to accomodate all of them.

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