Home Forums Re: Why will everyone bow and confess?


Caleb says:

“For who are we to Question the Almighty about his plan..he has a plan he told us how it is going to end..and now we are called to simply trust in Him..”

I’ve always believed the truth should always be up for question. It appears you don’t agree; believing some things such as what is written in the bible should not be questioned. Even though we don’t agree on that matter I do respect your opinion and I thank you for your perspective.

Countrydoc says:

“At that time the results of God’s judgment will be made clear to all, both the saved and the lost. Much like in a court of law today the verdict is explained to all. Even the guilty, the lost, will acknowledge that God was right and Satan was wrong. At that point the final judgement will be carried out. Just like the condemmed man today it will be useless to say “I’m sorry””

As I’ve asked before, why doesn’t he make himself clear to all now? Before it’s too late!



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