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Mark R1ce

Hi Ken

Thanks for responding.

You wrote:

*Saturday morning I woke up around 100 am, I lay in bed for a few minutes then I got up (I could have immediately gotten up)

But you didn’t and I’m certain that if you explore the reasons why, they will be because of internal or external factors. For example you being tired or lazy or confused or the fact that you had no activities requiring your immediate attention. These are all influencial reasons (causes)

*I then put on blue jeans, black shoes, and a black T-shirt (I could have put on black jeans, brown shoes, and a blue shirt)

Firstly, you made choices from the clothes you had available. The availability of the clothes you chose to wear is due to many factors outside of your control. Now tell me: If you made a “free will decision to wear a mickey mouse costume at that moment, would you have been free to do so?

Secondly, you would only have been able to make the alternate selection,had those clothes been available. So while you were able to use your will and choose (like I said), those choices were conformed and presented to you by factors outside your control.

*I immediately ate breakfast consisting of Corn Flakes with milk and raisins (I could have eaten Oatmeal)

My argument above applies here as well.

*While eating I picked up the phone and called my girl friend and made a date for later (I could have went for a walk)

You probably would have gone for a walk if your phone didn’t work and you had no girlfriend. Both factors outside your control. In fact that walk wouldn’t happen either if there were an army of thugs outside your door ready to attack you as soon as you walked out the door.

*I then went to my car and drove to the gym to work out (I could have looked at TV)

Need I go on?

That was about the first ½ hr of my day, and I already made half dozen choices without outside influences; do you agree?

Nope sorry Ken I don’t agree. You did make choices but they were limited to those that were made possible by factors outside your control. It is most likely that your choices were also influenced by your own internal desires which are often there due to external influences and environmental factors.(like your warm feelings towards your girlfriend which she caused by her attitude, words and actions)

Not that “free” are you?

Everyone “will bow and confess” in the same way that you would be forced to eat cornflakes if it were the only source of food available. Do you agree?



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