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Mark Pillay said:

“But you didn’t and I’m certain that if you explore the reasons why, they will be because of internal or external factors. For example you being tired or lazy or confused or the fact that you had no activities requiring your immediate attention.”

Internal factors do not negate my free will; only outside influences can do that. The reason I layed in bed for a few minutes was because of internal factors aka free will.

“Firstly, you made choices from the clothes you had available. The availability of the clothes you chose to wear is due to many factors outside of your control. Now tell me: If you made a “free will decision to wear a mickey mouse costume at that moment, would you have been free to do so?”

If I would ever have a desire to wear a Mickey Mouse costume, I would have bought one prior to that day and would have put it on. I use my free will to buy the type of clothes I enjoy wearing thus my free will is not negated when I wear them.

“Secondly, you would only have been able to make the alternate selection,had those clothes been available. So while you were able to use your will and choose (like I said), those choices were conformed and presented to you by factors outside your control.”

Wrong again! I choose the type of clothes that are available to me to wear via free will.

“You probably would have gone for a walk if your phone didn’t work and you had no girlfriend. Both factors outside your control. In fact that walk wouldn’t happen either if there were an army of thugs outside your door ready to attack you as soon as you walked out the door.”

Wrong again my friend; If the phone did NOT work, THAT would have negated my free will to call her because that would be outside of my control; Had thugs been outside ready to attack me, THEY would have negated my free will as well! I’m afraid you’ve got it backwards.

“Everyone “will bow and confess” in the same way that you would be forced to eat cornflakes if it were the only source of food available. Do you agree?”

No I do not! Eating food is necessary for survival; bowing down to worship and confess is not.



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