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Mark makes some interesting points:

“The false doctrine of “free will” is humanistic self-determinism. I understand that we have been given a will and the ability to choose. I don’t see us being free though. There isn’t a single choice we make that is independant of causes and influences. There is external causes and influences (environment, opportunity, education, social/economic pressure etc.) and internal causes and influences (fear, anger, hatred, jealosy, envy, desire, love, concern, etc.) Check out the dictionary definition of Free will and then logically prove free will with an example.”

I will pick last Saturday as an example:

*Saturday morning I woke up around 100 am, I lay in bed for a few minutes then I got up (I could have immediately gotten up)

*I then put on blue jeans, black shoes, and a black T-shirt (I could have put on black jeans, brown shoes, and a blue shirt)

*I immediately ate breakfast consisting of Corn Flakes with milk and raisins (I could have eaten Oatmeal)

*While eating I picked up the phone and called my girl friend and made a date for later (I could have went for a walk)

*I then went to my car and drove to the gym to work out (I could have looked at TV)

That was about the first ½ hr of my day, and I already made half dozen choices without outside influences; do you agree?



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