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Mark R1ce

Hi Ken

Mark: “The scriptures both claim and assure that God will save all of humanity through Jesus Christ by judgement over successive ages.”

Ken:So is it your opinion that everyone will eventually make it to Heaven? nobody goes to Hell?

Short answer: YES! But it’s more than just my opinion. I’ve presented scriptural arguments on this very doctrine (Universal Salvation/Ultimate Redemtion) on the ffg thread: doesn’t the Bible say God redeems everyone?. As for “Hell”: this doctrine of a place of endless torture is not scriptural. Last time I checked I wasn’t a disciple of Dante!

Mark: “The reason why all will “bow and confess” in the futrure will be the same reason why we christians do it now: because we are now chosen to believe.”

Ken: So the only ones who believe are the chosen ones; us who don’t believe haven’t been given that choice yet? Interesting perspective; I’ve never heard that one before.

Again short answer: YES! “many are called, but few are chosen” Belief is a consequence of being “chosen” and not a result of our choice. The scriptures state that the natural (carnal) mind is unable to understand the things of God. So we aren’t able to believe even if we willed to, it is the gift of God.

Mark: “Your use of the words “one being forced” suggests to me that you believe in the concept of “human free will”. I understand this belief to be both illogical and unscriptural.”

Ken: I can understand unscriptural, but illogical? Why!

The false doctrine of “free will” is humanistic self-determinism. I understand that we have been given a will and the ability to choose. I don’t see us being free though. There isn’t a single choice we make that is independant of causes and influences. There is external causes and influences (environment, opportunity, education, social/economic pressure etc.) and internal causes and influences (fear, anger, hatred, jealosy, envy, desire, love, concern, etc.) Check out the dictionary definition of Free will and then logically prove free will with an example.

Also here’s two relevant links to Wikipedia,

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