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Mark R1ce

Hi Faithful Servant

I quickly skimmed through the links you provided and even an un-educated youngster like me can see what shoddy scholarship it consists of. Is that it?

Could you do me a favour and list all the scriptural references you think support this “endless hell” doctrine and I promise I’ll go through them with you one at a time and show you that there is no substantiation for this doctrine. Do the same for your argument against universal redemption and post them at the thread: “doesn’t the Bible say that God redeems everyone?” which can be found in the christian debate section. I would suggest that you read through the thread and respond to those I already posted there.

Unfortunately this is not a debate forum so I do not want to get into a debate over this. Start a thread in the debate section and we can go at it. Besides Ken has asked a great question which deserves attention on this thread.

Look forward to hearing from you. If you do start a thread, please PM me and let me know.



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