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Markpillay said:

“The scriptures both claim and assure that God will save all of humanity through Jesus Christ by judgement over successive ages.”

So is it your opinion that everyone will eventually make it to Heaven? nobody goes to Hell?

“The reason why all will “bow and confess” in the futrure will be the same reason why we christians do it now: because we are now chosen to believe.”

So the only ones who believe are the chosen ones; us who don’t believe haven’t been given that choice yet? Interesting perspective; I’ve never heard that one before.

“Your use of the words “one being forced” suggests to me that you believe in the concept of “human free will”. I understand this belief to be both illogical and unscriptural.”

I can understand unscriptural, but illogical? Why!

“Knowing you, I expect more questions. You must accept though that my answers in this thread will be based on scripture”

I wouldn’t have it any other way; thanks for your perspective

Lovemenot says:

“God lay the rules, law, and guidelines. It’s up to you to make that choice while your unlimited body still alive. God will not twist your arm or hand to bow down to him. But He will give you the law, rules, and guideline in order to conquer the second death. It is your choice”

It doesn’t really answer the question, but I appreciate your imput



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