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Mark R1ce

Hi Ken

Your excellent question, “Why will everyone bow and confess?” is in regards to a statement made in Scripture which we believe to be inspired. I must also clarify that I believe there to be a difference (sometimes huge and even contradictory) between a “scriptural” statement and a “biblical” statement.

The scriptural answer is simple: The world was created for, in and through Jesus Christ and He is the same who is the saviour of the whole world. The scriptures both claim and assure that God will save all of humanity through Jesus Christ by judgement over successive ages.

The reason why all will “bow and confess” in the futrure will be the same reason why we christians do it now: because we are now chosen to believe. Now you asked wether this will be due to one being forced or as a result of God presenting the truth. The truth has already been made manifest and those whose eyes have been opened (spiritually) now see, believe and confess.

Your use of the words “one being forced” suggests to me that you believe in the concept of “human free will”. I understand this belief to be both illogical and unscriptural.

“Every knee shall bow” is a simple prophetic statement of the inevitable. Many christians need to twist this statement to mean that unbelievers will merely “acknowledge” or “concede” that Christ is Lord in order to support the false doctrine of condemnation/eternal torment. This is unscriptural nonsense.

Knowing you, I expect more questions. You must accept though that my answers in this thread will be based on scripture just like your question. It is unfair if you question a christian belief which is based on a scriptural statement and then use the “I don’t believe the scriptures” copout when you get a contextual response. Wether or not you accept the authority of scripture on this matter is irrelevant.

If you haven’t left the thread already, go ahead…….ask away!

Kind Regards


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