Home Forums Re: Why will everyone bow and confess?


Stupsan said:

“Bowing the knee is figurative as well as literal. The point si that at the Jdgement seat, EVERYONE will see Christ for who He is. Bowing the knee is an act of submission.”

Why doesn’t Christ allow everyone to see him for who he is right now?

“At the Judgement seat, there ill be no veil over unbelievers eys or hearts to hide the Lordship and Kingship of Christ.”

Are you suggesting unbelievers eyes are hearts are prevented from knowing who christ is? Do you think that is fair?

edvw said:

“As to why God doesn’t do this now, the only thing I can say is that,as the Isaiah scripture stated, his thoughts and his ways are above our power of understanding. It is not ours to know this information on this side of eternity. As to your phraze “…before it is too late”, some people have refused or will refuse God’s invitation.”

What about those who would not refuse God’s invitaion if they only had all the facts? Don’t cha think God should present proof of his existence so everyone can make an informed decision to obey him?


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