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<<<<<< Ken says….When I said there was no proof that Jesus of the bible existed, I said that because if any proof had been found, it would be in the media and the person who found it would be world famous. Obviously that hasn’t happened thus no proof.

I am sure you are aware there are those who worship other Gods who will say the same thing to you concerning THEIR God; If that won’t convert you to their religion, what makes you think your words will convert me to yours? No offence intended but, the only way I could possibly become a believer in your God is if your God were to convince me. You can talk till you are blue in the face and it won’t do any good because you have no credibility to me. >>>>>>>>>>

Mr. Ken… If there there was no proof that Jesus of the bible existed, how did you know to say th name of Jesus. Who start it to called that name. Not unless was mention 2000 years ago the coming of the Lord? How come his name been debate and been taught all this years?

What makes you think I am going to their religion and your belief? I am just telling you the facts of life. That your body will die regardless what you believe. Are you disagreeing with me on that? And I’m not convincing you either. I am telling you that is the facts of life. Whether you believe on your own whatever you believe. Your body will die regardless what you believe. Or….. or…. or…. anybody’s believe got that!

That is the facts of life!!!!!!!!

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