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Lovemenot says:

“there is no proof an once – Ken said? How do you know that there is no proof? How can you talk this all “WORDS” and knowing it not unless you are been taught(the day you are born) from the beginning of the world?”

When I said there was no proof that Jesus of the bible existed, I said that because if any proof had been found, it would be in the media and the person who found it would be world famous. Obviously that hasn’t happened thus no proof.

“Mr. Ken… whether you like it or not someday your body and my body will die. You can believe all the things you want it to believe against God’s word. This is one thing you cannot deny or others even me. This is the facts of life you are facing now.”

I am sure you are aware there are those who worship other Gods who will say the same thing to you concerning THEIR God; If that won’t convert you to their religion, what makes you think your words will convert me to yours? No offence intended but, the only way I could possibly become a believer in your God is if your God were to convince me. You can talk till you are blue in the face and it won’t do any good because you have no credibility to me.

rdrcofe said:

“Hummmmm….. I thought it was actually Rudyard Kipling. ‘And a woman is only a woman but a good ciger is a smoke.’ (The Betrothed).”

Ha, ha, that was a good one! The point I was trying to make with the cigar was I just thought you were reading a little too far into my intentions. Good quote though!

“you wrote:If you aren’t going to apply the laws of logic to your God, why would you apply them to anything else.

This trite comment suggests that you have a monopoly on logical understanding vis a vis the existence of God. Ken you are way too confident that your application of ‘logic’ is in fact truly logical.”

By definition your God has no beginning. Now if you are going to bring up the rules of logic by suggesting everything requires a beginning, you will contridict your own rules when you insist your God has always existed. If you aren’t going to apply the rules of logic to your explanation, don’t apply them to mine.

“I just think you need to expand your understanding and definition of ‘God’ before you decide to debunk the notion of God’s existence. It seems to me you are debunking a mere characature.”

If you believe my definition of your God is inaccurate, please; show me where I am wrong!



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