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Right the wrong asks:

“Does not logic demand that a creation has a creator?”

True! But logic does not demand that everything was created.

Country Doc says:

“Your statement says volumes. The first thing it tells me is that your study of the Bible was either incorrect or inaccrurate, or both. Second, if as you say, you no longer have interest in Bible study then engaging in a long discussion about a single point validates my former statement that it would seem that your goal is debate.”

Actually I didn’t know it would last this long. I realize this is not the debate section, it is the Bible answer section. Sometimes I like to ask questions because I like to know what people’s opinions are on the issues, and if the answer doesn’t make sense, I have a tendecy to pick the answer apart. After 4 pages of doing this I will admit it has turned into a debate. I now realize shouldn’t have posted this question here, but in the Atheist debate section instead, and left this section for those who actually believe what the bible says.

You made a very good point doc, thanks for bringing that to my attention



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