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Chris Medway

cobravetor (cobravetor)

You wrote:I wonder . . . what kind of a church that is attended that the pastor cannot resolve them for those that are miffed by something found in God’s word.

If you really read the question and knew who asked it you would understand that Ken is not a member of any church. He is an avowed atheist.

Quite apart from the blatant infringement of the TOS rules represented by your multiple post, I would alert you to the possibilty that the ‘interestingness’ of posts decreases according to the law of inverse sqare. In other words if I were to award an unrealistically optimistic factor of ‘interest’ of 4/10 for your original post, your last repetition would enguage the interest of other posters by .0000375%.

Not very interesting, I think we would all agree!

Love Chris.

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