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<<<<<< Ken say…. I hear people saying there will come a time when every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is lord. My question is why??? Will they do this because they are forced to against their will? Or will they choose to do so after God presents them with the truth. If for another reason, please explain. If for any of the reasons mentioned, why doesn’t God do it now before it is too late? >>>>>>

lovemenot responds… Reality, reality…mmmm…. Well Mr. Ken any company you work to has a rules and regulations, policy. If you are interested working with these company you will take the application form and apply for it. Is that correct?

If your not interested you will not applied for this particular company. Are you being force then?

Same way with God. God will draw the line for you and I in order to follow the rules and His guidelines. You can make the choice for yourself. God is not going force no one to serve him. But,.. He will show His mercy to you if…. you follow that rules and guidelines.

Are you been force to serve him????

Choice is yours

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