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Country Doc

Very well Ken, I ask you to ponder your own statement.

“I appereciate the offer, but I spent much of my “Christian years” studying the Bible and I no longer have interest in doing it now; I was only interested in that particular question.”

I’ll make just a breif comment; Your statement says volumes. The first thing it tells me is that your study of the Bible was either incorrect or inaccrurate, or both. Second, if as you say, you no longer have interest in Bible study then engaging in a long discussion about a single point validates my former statement that it would seem that your goal is debate. Ergo: If you have no interest in Bible study to find a correct answer, you would do nothing with any answer given except question that answer. That is the very basis of debate as learned by any first year law student.

No case is made in a court of law without the ability to build the case point by point. So it is with Bible study. If you are not willing to examin the “case” point by point,”…line upon line, precept upon precept…,” then you will never be satisified with any answer given no matter how complete or logical it may be.

It is very difficult for me, as a Christian, to see you take the position that you say you have taken. Because when you stand before the Creator of the universe, as your judge, you will not be able to “make your case.” The only sentence possible will be death.

Respectfully, your friend in Christ,


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