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For me belief is not a matter of choice, belief happens after reason and logic demands it! Not before.

This is actually backwards. Belief takes precedence over the others. Reason and logic merely confirm belief for believers. They confirm rejection for unbelievers (faulty reason and logic). Faith tells you to believe and “trust” first. Explanations will follow. Consider gravity. Do the explanations and rationalizations of gravity cause you to believe? No. These explanations could not gain solid footing in your mind unless you were experiencing gravity right now. The explanations confirm your already existing belief. Reason and logic would be merely speculative, and dead without experience. Gravity makes sense primarily because it is relevant, you’re experiencing it now. Belief first, then rationale. Any other order would counteract the laws of mind, making it impossible.

Well, gravity is a law. Law implies a lawgiver. If faith in this law holds such credence, how much more does faith in the Creator of this law?

God is a person, with feelings. He isn’t forcing anybody to love Him. But, you are cordially invited to know Him through his dear Son Jesus Christ. Choose to believe, seek to know Him, and your explanations and logic will “logically” follow.

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