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Wow! I’ve got a lot of answers and questions to respond to: When I asked why won’t God present proof of his existence now, RTW responded:

“The answer to your question is, He did,when He came to earth in the flesh,as prophesied in scripture”

No, That didn’t happen now, it is claimed to have happened 2000 years ago, and there is not an ounce of proof that it happened then. (I am sure you are aware there is no proof Jesus even existed) Assuming the Jesus story is true, God presented himself in a way that very few people were convinced. If it happened today, there would be a permant record accepted by the entire world.

“Question for you,if you won’t believe until He makes it known,what difference does it make when He does?”

Because then it will be too late to accept him as the true God and get to heaven.

Chris (rdrcofe) makes an interesting point:

“To refuse to bow the knee in recognition would be a similar attitude to me insulting the surgeon who expertly and successfully did my surgery, just because he might be a Maori with black skin.”

I guess the reason you wouldn’t insult your surgeon is because you don’t want him to accidently/purposly do something during your surgery that would cause you harm. If I understand you correctly you are saying people will bow because they will then see this God as the true God and will wish to get into his heaven at that time. The point I was trying to make is; The belief in the Christian God is no more credible than all the other Gods of various religions that people believe. If your God is going to present proof of his existence at a time when it is too late to change our minds, I think the proof should be presented now before it is too late. If this proof will be presented at a time when we can still change our minds, then that will answer my question and I will look foreward to the day when this proof is presented and I will change my mind concerning your God

Also I am happy your surgery was sucessful and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Countrydoc asks:

“How much are you willing to study the Bible to learn the full stoty of salvation, and about the Creator of the universe?…..I will be most happy to provide you with the information how you can study and reach conclusions that are logical to you.”

I appreciate the offer, but I spent much of my “Christian years” studying the bible and I no longer have interest in doing it now; I was only interested in that particular question.

bluesol responds to me saying :For me belief is not a matter of choice, belief happens after reason and logic demands it! Not before.

“This is actually backwards. Belief takes precedence over the others. Reason and logic merely confirm belief for believers.”

Notice I said “for me” the explanation of reason and logic was something that applies to me! and for me belief does not take precedence over reason and logic.

“Faith tells you to believe and “trust” first. Explanations will follow.”

I have no faith; I require explanation first.

“Consider gravity. Do the explanations and rationalizations of gravity cause you to believe? No.”

True! but the constant effects of gravity is reason enough for me to accept the law of gravity.

“Reason and logic would be merely speculative, and dead without experience. Gravity makes sense primarily because it is relevant, you’re experiencing it now. Belief first, then rationale.”

My experience with gravity is logical. That’s why I believe; logic demands it.



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