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Country Doc

Hi Ken,

If you are truly asking quiestions, and not trying to engage in debate, then please accept my most sincere appology.

From this thread, and others, it has seemed that your goal was debate. If that is not the truth, and you really wish correct answers that will make complete logic to you, then let me ask you this; How much are you willing to study the Bible to learn the full story of salvation, and about the Creator of the universe? Before you answer this question let me warn you that not all of the questions you have ask in the past, nor a full understanding of the current topic, will become fully understood with just causual reading of the Bible. If you are interested in futher study please e-mail me at: thecountrydoc1@yahoo.com, and I will be most happy to provide you with the information how you can study and reach conclusions that are logical to you. Please note that I said “logical to you.” If it doesn’t make commonsense then you probably should not accept anything I, nor anyone else, have to say about God and His Word the Bible. I look forward to hearing from you.

Respectfully, your brother in Christ,


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