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Chris Medway

112271 (Ken Jones)

Ken! Nice to hear you are still asking questions, seeking and knocking. You may well find the truth you seek that way.

The reason every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord is this:

Because, after contemplating in the light of full understanding all of the possible alternatives, each owner of each knee and tongue will decide on the ballance of the reality of the situation that that is the only sensible alternative for them. This is the reason I think ‘hell’ has a population lower than Poison creek Utah

I have just returned home from hospital after a Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy. The Consultant surgeon was duty bound to fully explain to me everything that could possibly go wrong during the proceedure they intended to perform under general anesthetic. I had to sign a waiver relinquishing the surgeon from any responsibility for these possible, (though statistically unlikely), eventualities.

In short I had to make a decision and trust myself into the hands of the surgeon. It was entirely my call and I either accepted the status quo or I trusted his expert advice.

As a believer I am already used to living in this way with my creator and redeemer, so it was not such a difficult choice for me to make. The short term pain seems to be having a long term gain so I guess my choice was the right one, and none of the dire possibilities actually happened, (though some minor complications did need ironing out to reduce the pain later).

The point of all this is:

Was the ‘choice’ forced on me? Yes of course it was!

But was my decision coerced? No of course it was not!

The same is the case for your ‘unanswerable’ question.

Will there be a choice? Yes of course, no knee or tongue will be forced to confess or bow.

Will anyone choose what is utterly against their own better judgement and in full face of what God has done for all of them?

The Bible says ‘every knee will bow and every tongue confess’.

To refuse to bow the knee in recognition would be a similar attitude to me insulting the surgeon who expertly and successfully did my surgery, just because he might be a Maori with black skin.

LOve Chris.

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