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Righthewrong says:

“its like when all rise when the Judge enters the courtroom”

The reason all rise when the Judge enters the courtroom is because everyone is aware of who the Judge is. I guess you are saying; at that time proof will be given that your God is the true God. The question is, why not present such proof now?

“however I do feel that he wants to believe,(I could be wrong)which is the main reason I respond to his posts”

For me belief is not a matter of choice, belief happens after reason and logic demands it! Not before.

Country Doc says:

“I have thought about your attempts to debate things concerning somthing that you claim doesn’t exist. God.”

Actually I didn’t mean for this to be a debate; I was mearly asking questions because I like to know how others think sometimes.

I am sure I am not the only one who asks these type of questions; I am sure many of you hear them all the time. When I ask my christian friends they have no answer for me so I come here and ask you guys.



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