Home Forums Re: Why will everyone bow and confess?


right the wrong says:

“The reason that everyone will bow is because,Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.At His return all will at that time know this as fact,and I feel this will be an automatic response.”

So if I understand you correctly, you claim once everyone has all the facts concerning God, bowing down will be an automatic response. Don’t you think it would be unfair to punish those who reject your God simply because God didn’t make sure they have all the facts? Don’t you think God should allow everyone to get all the facts so we can make an informed decision?

“As to why He dosent do it now,its because it is not His wish that any should perish”

If it were his will that none should perish, he would make sure everyone had all the facts then as you said: worshipping him would be an automatic response thus none would perrish; don’t cha think?


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