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HI Ken,

You wrote, “So if I understand you correctly, you claim once everyone has all the facts concerning God, bowing down will be an automatic response.” Where did you come up with “all the facts” from? The previous writer didn’t say all the facts, he said everyone will see Jesus Christ is King of Kings.

You then wrote, “Don’t you think it would be unfair to punish those who reject your God simply because God didn’t make sure they have all the facts?” There you go again, talking about all the facts. You seem to like that expression. Well, the Bible says that the demons “have all the facts”, they know enough to believe there is a God, and it says, “they tremble”.

The demons know there is a God but that knowledge will not prevent them from being punished. We humans have all the facts we need to know. God tells us that “Now is the Day of Salvation.” You have all the facts. You can seek God now or spend all eternity seperated from Him. That is the sad but true situation. Some will bow in love and worship, others will bow in hated submission.


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