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Helpful writes:

<< Perhaps one reason many christians no longer vote is that both mainstream political parties are unworthy of our consent to govern … American politics is rotten to the core >>

Well! Let us just throw up our hands and hide our faces with our aprons! And let us allow somebody else to make important decisions for us! And maybe we should ask some other country where elections aren’t so complicated if they would help us govern better!

Do not believe that politics is rotten to the core, it is not. It is a messy process, but it works and if more people take their civic duty to heart, it can work better.

I’ll tell you that the christians in my area will vote in heavy numbers…Bush will take the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Republicans and conservative Democrats alike support him..and this atheist and her kids and husband.

I cannot condone the apathy of the American public just because neither candidate is not absolutely perfect. Choose the one which you think can govern us the best at these trying times, and stop whining about perceived faults of both. If you don’t choose, somebody else will, and you will have to live with one or the other just the same.

Pathetic apathy!

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